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Abundant Blessings

From our home to yours

Once upon a time, somewhere, sometime in the 21st century a young, beautiful and madly in love couple got married, in the country of England, in the county of Cornwall, where everyone goes around with four limbs, and a overwhelming desire to change the weather.

For about a year the newly wedded couple lived in a newly wedded bliss and then all of a sudden out popped they're first and most intelligent baby which just so happens to be me.....(And I didn't just pop out, dramatic drama filled entrances are much more my thing)

About a year after my impressive pop out, my best friend and polar opposite (that’s polar opposite in a good way) arrived.

And with her beauty, brains and good breeding she will make a excellent wife.

So any young, handsome and intelligent ( she’s not allowed to marry a half wit) idiot that prefers to call themselves a man know that when she does get put on the market she’s gonna be a total hit.

Also know that after a stressful time of trying to impress and woo my sister you are not only going to have face my two highly protective brothers and father, but also seven highly zealous and vicious sisters that are very much aware of how to use their fists and elbows.(And anything else that can cause a good degree of pain.)

It’s survival of the fittest in a family of twelve.

Two years later we where blessed with a set of twins which in other words is double trouble.

Often referred to as the ferrous freakingsome four we hit top spot in the food chain.


—And this is where my parents paused and got a bigger car—

Four years later my most cherished and dearest Mother announced that she was pregnant AGAIN!!!!!!

About 3 weeks later we set out for the very first scan of our new baby/another huge workload only to discover that it was not one but TWO babies/another FREAKING HUGE workload.

My father almost had a heartache and my Grandpa had a stroke.

—And here my parents paused again and got a much bigger ( like a 16 seater) white, LDV, minivan.—

My mum was just super excited and highly enthusiastic.

So the ferrous freakingsome four became the sassy scintillating six.

And we are still top of the food chain, so take a step back.

A couple more years went by.

I learnt how to read, my awesome sister learnt how to count, and our walking talking adventuresome catastrophes figured how the potty worked( among other things).

Anyway to cut a long story short because we don’t want to be here till Christmas and I doubt you want to hear the details my breakfast, there is 10 of us healthy, absolutely adorable(or  so some people say) kiddo’s now.

And yes children are definitely not cheaper by the dozen.


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Who We Are

So folks what are we? NOT ZOMBIES OR WEIDOS!!! (Just to clear up any suspicions or concerns) We’re just normal people with all four limbs that have decided to think out the box! In a grand massive total (where I ran out of fingers and had to get out my toes) there is a whooping ( drumroll please) 10 of  us! And that doesn’t even include my amazingly AWE-SOME parents. Neither does it include the 30 chickens, 230 cows, 2 pigs, 60 sheep, 2 dogs or the 18 ducks we hatched from eggs and which have turned out to be mostly male which means a lack of duck eggs and a incredibly enormous amount of duck poo.

And just in case you haven’t guess from the amount of cows we have…Yes we’re farmers! Mixed farm farmers to be exact which basically means we have a bit of everything!

Such as free range children.

 (Bravado to you who guessed correctly!)


After stepping out the box and breaking those rules by giving birth to a football team and deciding to break tradition my world rocking parents decided to homeschool us.

That was totally smashing the box and breaking every rule in the book.

 Most likely a high percentage of us shall marry each giving birth to several children which means slowly we’ll take other the world but don’t tell to many people because that might put off any future husbands or wives.

For those who are still reading and haven’t keeled over with shock or are busy trying to find the nearby social care number I shall continue…

There is 8 stunningly beautiful girls and 2 very outnumbered boys who yes do play with dollies but in a kinda lets rip their arms and legs off way!
And no we’re not malnourished neither are uneducated.

We’re just simple people getting on with life the best way we can.

We have the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful just like I’m betting you do too. 

And so here it is folk our good our beautiful and our ugly and bad. 

Here’s to hoping your’ll be able to keep up-🥂

HELLLOOOOO!!!!!!! We would love to hear from you!!!!! Like really really really LOVE to hear from you! Positive feedback is a real life-saver for a stressed mum that is starting to get patches of baldness because of all the hair she’s yanking out….24/7! So some positive feedback that’s gonna make her smile is just the right antidote for hair falling out syndromes.😘It’s not like your having to donate a kidney….Hurry up!

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