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More above us to turn ur quivering knees to wobbling jellies

What u will be getting if u subscribe….

We are nutty.We are also a very big family that has lots of laughs and just as many tears ( depending on mothers mood and weather we’re having a good day, the tears can outweigh the laughs.)We homeschool which means double the amount of time spent trying to kill each other but it also means we have less time to sit around in a classroom and plan each other’s deaths so none of us are six feet under. (Yet)We eat well, hence Lidl’s love us so.And that’s about it…I’ve decided to leave out the gory parts like how the toilet is either blocked or being blocked, how Christian (no 5) washes two pairs of trousers a day, (DON’T ASK WHY) and how any mention of hair dye puts the house in uproar….Read and subscribe to find out more…

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