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We are asked the same questions over and over again…Sometimes their alright ones, but sometimes they suck and you wonder what’s going on in peoples heads. Normally it’s nothing. Especially if it’s one of the male species, but then that’s being sexists. Anyway prepare to have puzzles solved in our FAQ/Q&A

So…Is there going to be any more?

This is the most annoying and most frequent question we get asked.The answer is a frank “I don’t know”.And anyway who cares it’s none of your business. My family and I consider kiddos a blessing. And so therefore we treat each of my Mum’s pregnancies as such. I wouldn’t want to without any of my brothers or sisters, so if we get reblessed I”ll be more  then ready to welcome another person into our fabulous family, BUT….If my parents don’t have any more I can deal with that too, because I already have a pretty good looking family to love, protect, and look after.

Do you have enough bedrooms?

No…Absolutely not, so if you feel a great need to give us a few bedrooms stirring in your heart feel free.
YES!!!!Of course we have enough bedrooms.My parents are not just popping out children and putting them in the sable. Through sometimes they do claim we were born in the barn. Unfortunately I was so busy at the time trying to come to terms with the world that it was hard to understand where I was.Through I do recall a lot of coo cooing (possibly from a dove) and a lot of ahhhh ahhhhing (p’haps someone trying to clear their throat.)We are farmers with a BIG farm house. Five bedrooms and a few bunk mates and bunk beds has solved that problem.

Do you all get on?

Yes, We are completely angelic and go about our days as little cherubs. LORD JESUS PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!! We have our differences just like everyone else.Just because we’re bigger then most families does not mean we have been given excessive amounts of patience, love, joy, peace, long suffering, patience, kindness, or love. We have our BIG differences and our small differences. But the most important part is that we do get over them and there not full throttled attacks. Actually they are, but hey there, we're all still standing.

What do u all eat!!!!!!!!!

Grass soup and if we get tried of that mum sometimes makes stone soup.
Both are very nutritious and extremely delicious. They are also a good source of vitamin A, C and B.
Meaning not only do they feed us us they also stimulate the night and day vision. (vA) Keep our blood, skin and nervous system healthy.(vB) And protects the cells in our bodies from damage. (vC) 
(above are the benefits of being homeschooled)

If you still have questions for us, just send us a ping!We would love to hear what you have on your mind and don’t worry it’s kinda of hard to offend hard-core  homeschooled world-rockers

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